How To Prepare For A Date

What to wear? What to say? What to do? Candy answers your date dilemmas so you can focus on the most important part: having fun! (P.S. These guidelines can work for group dates, too!)
by Jillian Gatcheco   |  Oct 7, 2012
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Ten minutes before:

  1. Let your parents see how you look. Mom and Dad won't make a big deal out of dates if their kids are open about them. So do yourself and your folks a favor by sharing details of where you're going, what time you'll be home, and who you'll be with. In fact, they should have known about this even before you started planning what to wear!
  2. If you're being fetched at home, avoid the awkwardness by answering the door, instead of letting him face your parents first. After introducing your date, make sure you properly say goodbye to Mom and Dad before leaving.


What to do:

  1. Ask open-ended questions. Do not ask questions answerable by "yes" or "no." Instead, say, "Tell me about your family," or "How did you spend your summer vacation?"
  2. Laugh! Tell a corny joke, recall a funny situation, or tease him playfully. A date with lots of humor is bound to go well.
  3. Stick to light topics such as your pets, school, the latest movie you watched, and more. You want your first date to be the icebreaker for more in-depth conversations in the future.
  4. Mind your manners. Guys love girls who are comfortable in their own skin, but this doesn't mean you can gross your date out!
  5. Learn new stuff! It can be something one teaches the other, or a completely new discovery for the two of you.

What not to do:

  1. Starve yourself. Sure, you'll feel self-conscious when you eat, but it'll be more embarrassing if he hears your stomach grumbling!
  2. Take multiple bathroom breaks to "powder your nose." Once is enough (go after eating) to check if you have food stuck between your teeth.
  3. Interview him like he's on trial, or talk like there's no tomorrow.
  4. Reminisce about your ex-boyfriends, or discuss family problems.
  5. Be too intimate, too soon. No matter how you justify it, it's bound to make the wrong impression.

Now that's done, time to read up on what to do after the date!

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