How to Know Your Relationship Is Going to Last

It's actually very easy.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jun 22, 2017
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Ever wondered how couples who have been together for aaages manage to stick to each other through everything? Count us in!

In this day and age, with the existence of social media and its ~weird~ effects on us (LOL HUHU), it's hard to keep and maintain our relationships. But we've concluded that there are just some things that never, ever change—for example, the strong foundation that makes relationships last through good times and bad times.

Speaking with POPSUGAR, relationship coach Tara Caffelle revealed what makes a relationship stand the test of time. Her answer? A strong foundation, like friendship. (via

"Couples who are friends, who have a lasting friendship, who deeply care about each other as people, not just sexual partners to be married to, when they have this deeper basis, everybody benefits. Their relationship lasts, it's more enduring and durable and fulfilling for both of them." —Tara Caffelle


We know that getting all romantic and girlfriend-y with your babe is important, but being a friend to them is, too. When you can switch from being their partner to being their friend, especially when things get tough, there's a deeper kind of intimacy going on between the two of you.

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But here's a reminder, Candy Girls. Just because your babe can be your friend, too, doesn't mean you can go around taking your BFFs for granted. There's always a way to juggle your relationships. Tara adds that it's good to have other friends, but to continue keeping your babe as one of your dearest friends. As we all know, our friends help us strike a balance in our lives and keep us grounded.

Need help juggling these two? We have something over here that'll help you:

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