How to Have the Perfect Date, According to Science

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jun 16, 2017
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Going on dates is difficult. You don't know whether everything's going to turn out fine or everything's going to go from bad to worse. Buuut there's good news, Candy Girls!

Dating apps have done research about what works and what doesn't (on a first date!), and we think we can use some of them when going on a date. Start taking down notes, ladies! (via

  1. Be honest.

We know it's normal to "put your best foot forward" during dates, but who wants to discover later on that the person you like lied to you about their age, height, or anything! Being honest about who you are will prevent awkward surprises later.

  1. Wear something you feel confident in.

This is a no-brainer, TBH. But if you don't know what to wear, the study said that you should pick something in black because it's a color that makes us feel confident. However, if you're not comfy at all with wearing this color, go ahead and pick something you'd love to be seen in.


  1. The topics you can talk about? Religion, politics, and money.

If you thought that ~*seriouz*~ topics should be out of your topics list for the night, you're wrong. According to the study, 80% of daters think it's okay to talk about these things so they see red flags right away. But if you want to know what topic you should actually stay away from, the research shows its sports. LOL!

  1. Don't use your phone.

According to the study, 75% of daters thought that answering or using your phone during a date is a turnoff. Which is understandable because who wants to feel that they're a boring dater, right?

  1. Make your date last for two and a half hours.

As for the length of the date, a survey found that there's a sweet spot among daters for dates that last for two and a half hours. But if you and your date get carried away and find yourselves talking and talking, go ahead and have fun.

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