How To Get Your Crush's Attention

Candy divulges exactly how you can do that with these subtle stylin' ways.
by Zo Aguila   |  Mar 28, 2010
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Your cheeks turn tomato-red and you start to stutter when he's nearby. Your crush seems oblivious to you, even though deep inside, you're practically screaming for his attention. Sound familiar? It's time catch your crush's eye the Candy way!

The So-Called Kuya

Stud-spotting: You get home and find that your kuya's entire barkada is raiding your kitchen in between study breaks. One of them is a total hottie, and you feel yourself blush as he jokes around and greets you, "Hey, sis!" Most likely, you're crushing on your kuya's buddy because he seems more mature compared to all the other boys your age. Plus, he really is cute!
Your cute style:
To get an older guy to think of you as more-than-lil'-sis material, you have to pique his interest.

Subtly research about him and find out about his interests: his fave basketball team, the band he idolizes, or the books he likes to read. You can do this by fishing from your kuya or your common friends or taking note of things his pals enjoy as well.


The next time you see your crush, strike up a conversation using your newfound knowledge. If you're too shy to talk to him, make parinig and discuss it with someone when your crush is within earshot. Your surprising wisdom will help him sit up and notice you-beyond kid-sister mode.

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The Cutie Next Door

Stud-spotting: You don't feel the need to go far because the object of your affection lives right next door. It's exciting to do your village rounds because there's always a chance you'll bump into him.
Your cute style: Since crushing on your next-door neighbor or barangay buddy is convenient, make yourself "convenient" for him to notice, too! Visibility is key.

Be seen, girl! Strategically place yourself in places he's bound to be at-hanging at your village park, walking your dog by his house, or biking by the basketball court. When he looks your way, give him a warm smile and acknowledge his presence. He's more likely to start noticing you if you're approachable than if you're playing Ms. Snob.


Move beyond polite smiles and into friendly conversation with your neighborhood crush. Once you've established yourself to be a potential friend, feel free to strike up neighborly chats. Ask him about friends in common, village jogging, or garage sales and propose that you guys set something up together.

Your Best Boy Bud

Stud-spotting: You've known him forever, but you're starting to see him in a totally different light. Suddenly, his kakulitan is more endearing, his jokes make you laugh a little louder, and you find yourself thinking privately, "He's cute pala."

Your cute style: You're in the best position to let your friend-turned-crush notice you. It seems daunting to take the leap and flirt with a friend, but you can bank upon your comfort level with him and take it from there.

While maintaining your friend factor, ease him into being even more comfortable with you by planning bud-bonding sessions. You're probably comfy enough to invite him over and hang out, so go right ahead. This way, you get to spend tons of time together.


Make him see you in a different way by clueing him in on new things about you when you hangout. Make sure they'll surprise him. You can try talking with him about a new passion of yours that you know he'd appreciate. Show him a new side of you by trying new things together. This'll make him see you as pleasantly unpredictable. You'll be helping him take another look at you-and hopefully see just how crushable you are.

The Crush Ng Bayan

Stud-spotting: It's a given that you're crushing on Mr. Popular (Hello, Troy Bolton!). You're probably one among many other girls who get giddy when the school heartthrob walks by, flashes his gorgeous smile, and even momentarily looks your way.

Your cute style: Falling for Mr. Crush ng Bayan is difficult because of the stiff competition. To make yourself stand out from the pack, it's important to look fun to be with and make yourself part of his world.


Start by smiling and always making it look like you're having a blast. We're not telling you to fake a giggle. Instead, during your bump-ins with Mr. Popular, feel genuine happiness when you're chatting with friends. Then, flash him a smile and continue enjoying yourself. You'll look calm, cool, fun, and composed.

A more daring move is to make yourself part of his clique. Figure out his involvements and "coincidentally" get involved, too. If he's part of the varsity team, for instance, sign up for the women's team. It'll give you more things to talk about the next time you bump into each other. Then, take advantage of the new things you have in common. That way, you'll have gotten one up over the rest of his fans.

Cool Crush
Five reasons why having a crush is good for you.

  1. You light up. Crush sightings cause your heart rate to increase and pump blood swiftly through your system. This makes some acquire pink, glowing skin.
  2. You become more creative.  As you think up scenarios of bump-ins and stolen glances, your imagination starts working doubly hard, inspiring your ingenious streak.
  3.  You'll emit good vibes. You're more likely to forget a dreary dilemma when you see your crush. A kilig situation usually lightens your mood and causes you to become instantly happier.
  4. You're made more self-aware. As you zero in on one particular guy (or several if you wish), you learn how to weed out people who don't intrigue you. In this light, you get to fine-tune your likes and dislikes and get a healthy understanding of what tickles your fancy.
  5. You become your best self. When you're styling on a crush, you always put your best foot forward. As such, you rack your brains for ways to transform yourself into the most ideal-and crushable-version of you.
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