How To Get That Shy Guy

There's something about the torpe boy—you either hate him or love him, but here's how you snag him.
by Marco Lobregat   |  Jan 22, 2010
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He's the shy boy you see every day in school or playing basketball in your village park with his friends. You know his name. He may even be your friend. You know where he lives, his friends, his class schedule, and what he likes to do during breaks or after school. You write on each other's wall on Facebook. After watching him for sometime, you've got some things pretty down pat: his porma, his fave food, what cologne he wears.

You think of him 24/7; fill your notebook with his name written in a hundred different colors and styles; screen cap his profile pic and secretly use it as your phone's wallpaper. But before this situation gets out of hand (and you like turns into obsession), find a way to get him. But how exactly do you do that?

Check for Obstacles

He doesn't have a girlfriend and isn't courting anyone at the moment. Think that pretty much covers the obstacles? Wrong. If he's torpe to the max, that makes him shy, extremely shy. If you want him, you will have to be as dedicated as an ant, as cunning as a snake, and as tough as a hawk.

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What's His Torpe Style?

No two torpes are alike. Different types call for different approaches. The main thing is to know what your guy likes, then give him what he likes and then some. Show him he doesn't need to be afraid of you. TLC your way to his heart.

  1. I-don't-know-you-at-all torpe.
    You know enough about the guy. He, on the other hand, doesn't know you exist the first thing you should do is make yourself known. Leave a mark that makes a good impression—that'll make it easy for him to get close to you. Say he plays on the basketball team. Watch his games (think front row). Compliment him for that last three-point shot he made. If you know a friend of his, try to get a casual intro with him, smile then hold his gaze for a couple of seconds before looking away.

    Once this is done, make small talk. Start by talking hobbies, favorite movies, where he likes to hang out. Then when you've gotten a little closer, slip some subliminal messages into your conversations. But remember that this torpe type is usually super dense. You might have to get straight to the point to help him pick up what you're trying to say. Be really sweet and take away all his doubts. But if you've given your best shot and he still hasn't gotten the hint, he's hopeless. Sorry na lang. Go look for someone else. (If you're smart, pretty, and sweet, contact me through Candy. I have few friends who are available and willing. Hahaha, just kidding!)

  2. The easy-challenge torpe
    He's been there for awhile and you think he likes you. His being a torpe is his only problem. He doesn't know what to do, or where to begin. A lesson in small talk will help work things out. During one of your casual talks, plug in the topic of love and courtship and tell him how easy it can be. Get your point across with specific examples. Say something like "If you like a girl but don't know hot to tell her this is what you should do..." (Too bad if your instincts were wrong and he uses the advice on another girl!) go sweep on him to show you're not going to bite. Show him you're not like other girls who are so hard to understand, but that you're really easy to get along with. Stay simple and just be with him... a lot.

  3. Your torpe friend.
    This is last torpe type is probably the most difficult. He's your buddy and you like him. This gets much harder if he is your best friend. You think he's temporarily blind and he can't see you in any other way at the moment but as a chum. Being the optimistic that you are, you feel all he needs is a little more work and time. And why not? You're simply irresistible! But there is a great risk involved here—there's always the possibility that your friendship will suffer. But if you think you might kick yourself later on in life for not having even tried, then go ahead and take that risk. You never know what might happen.

    If he's your friend, all you have to do is add a little spark to the usual things you do! Be sweeter than ever and really show that you like him a lot. You don't have to go out and buy him flowers. Just text him affectionate messages and start talking to him more often. Use your feminine charms. If he still doesn't get you, take the last option—tell him straight. If he still won't take the hint, forget it. Maybe it's his way of saying he'll rather keep the friendship. Or he's gay. Or he's really just way too torpe to deal with love with a great girl like you.

In any of these cases, just stick to the friendship. After all, you know it's his loss.

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