The Different Ways You Can Deal With People Hating On Your Boyfriend

When everyone just seems to not like your boyfriend, everything becomes ten times harder.
by Julianne Suazo   |  Jul 18, 2015
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Whether he is a budding Patrick Verona or your very own Gordo, your family and friends just have this uncanny ability to dislike him—sometimes right off the bat, and for no reason at all. It's frustrating because you know know him and you just can't seem to find a reason why your friends and family wouldn't like him. It may be even more frustrating because you feel like you're going to feel this way forever,but trust me when I say there ARE things you can do to help:

 1  Don't blow things out of proportion.

Let me just start off by saying you should never ever tell him that your friends and family hate him. Not only will this put more pressure on your relationship, but also constantly haunt him. Don't turn it into this huge deal and make him feel awful and guilty about how your family and friends feel about him.


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 2  Proceed with caution (don't rock the boat).

Now that you know that being with him is more or less walking on thin ice, you have to be extra careful. If their approval really matters to you, you shouldn't get into a situation where you now he'll look like a bad influence on you. So don't skip on studying for a date, don't get yourself into trouble, and don't lie because if there's one thing you should not do when the boat is sinking, it's rocking it. 

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 3  Give it time.

I believe that time heals most things. Maybe it was just a wrong first impression or a miscalculated feeling that's driving your friends and family to think he is no good for you. Maybe he reminds them of someone they used to know or of someone who isn't exactly the nicest person in the world. Over time, he will win them over and they will see how he brings out a more positive you, and realize that maybe they weren't wrong and he does deserve a chance.


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 4  Think things over.

If time won't do its usual job of smoothing things over, it may be time to reconsider things. If time has passed and they still feel the same way they do, if not worse, you have to start looking for the problem within the relationship. If he really is the nice guy you think he is, why can't your friends and family see that? Unless they're just completely against the idea of you having ANY boyfriend at all, then maybe the problem is actually your boyfriend. Sometimes we become too blinded by the fantasy love to see the reality that comes with it too.

 5  Acceptance.

If numbers 3 and 4 just won't do it for you, then maybe you just have to come to terms with the fact that those worlds just don't go together. If you do decide that your relationship is important to you and you see nothing wrong with it, then there you go, that's all you really need to keep you going. Don't worry, and just remember that even Harry Styles has haters.


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