How To Be Soiree Savvy

The lowdown on etiquette for your first foray into the world of boy-girl relations.
by Jennie Llamas-Garcia   |  Apr 2, 2010
photo by Patrick Martires
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Although seemingly an antiquated event, the soiree (for the Filipino, a gathering of girls and boys for some games and activities) is still present in today's society. Many schools still arrange these social interactions, whereas some teens opt to fix their own soirees. Whatever the case, this is an event where a true Candy Girl must always mind her manners.

At Home


  • Bring something to the table. Chances are it's a potluck party, so help ease the host's stress by bringing a yummy dessert or snack for everyone.
  • Be prompt. Being late doesn't earn you cool points.
  • Participate in the games. It might be lame, but you're only young once and there's no better time to be silly!
  • Be proactive. If there's a lull in the party, suggest an icebreaker. People will thank you for it.


  • Come empty-handed. Always try to bear some gifts-even party favors would help.
  • Show up late and then make a beeline for the food. Join the activities instead.
  • Display disdain towards others. You may be a grump, but try not to show it.
  • Compromise your principles. If something makes you feel uncomfortable, politely decline to do it.

In School

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  • Show up your interaction. The organizers worked hard, so show your support.
  • Wear appropriate clothing if you're not wearing your uniform.
  • Contribute to the activities. It isn't nice to e around a wet blanket.
  • Do be nice to your assigned partner. Maybe he's not your type, but have you considered that you may not be his type?


  • Skip out on the school-arranged soiree. Respect the institution.
  • Dress the shock. Pick another day to experiment with fashion.
  • Stick to your crew and engage in nasty gossip. This is rude, unattractive, and a turn-off.
  • Don't ignore your partner. He may be a future true friend if only you give him a chance.
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