How Sweet It Is love and be loved! Read these sweet treats, and have your fill of kilig and mush!
  |  Feb 2, 2004
compiled by Noelle Santos and Sharlene Tan * photo by Ocs Alvarez * models: Clinton and Elise
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Picture Perfect
I wasn’t really expecting anything on our first anniversary, but my boyfriend definitely outdid himself. He showed up at my house with three dozen roses, and then he took me out to dinner. After a hearty meal, he brought me to Shangri-La–to the exact spot where he asked me to be his girlfriend a year ago. There were candles and roses around us! Then, a friend popped out of nowhere with his guitar, and my guy began to serenade me with “I Will” underneath the stars! It was such a perfect moment, and I longed for nothing except some photos to remember it by. As if reading my mind, my boyfriend turned me to the direction where our photographer friend was snapping away! He definitely made my dreams come true that night!

- Laia, 20

Havin’ A Ball!
Our friend missed the junior prom. She was very depressed so one of our guy friends suggested we organize a mini-prom for her. We planned the music, the venue, the time, the guests, and most importantly, her date. On the day of the surprise mini-prom party, we decorated the fourth floor lobby of our school, prepared the food, sound system (a radio and a few sweet-tracked CDs), and the flowers. When she finally arrived, we turned on the music, and led her to her date, who offered her flowers and asked her to dance. She was so shocked! We were all glad to see her happy. Even if the mini-prom could never replace the real prom, we knew it more than made up for what she missed.

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- Nadine, 21

Very Happy Birthday!
I celebrated my birthday with friends at Tapika where a band was playing. In the middle of one of their songs, they suddenly announced, “Let’s sing s birthday song for Aya.” As they sang, my boyfriend appeared from behind, carrying a cake and a bouquet of roses. He walked towards me as the crowd sang along. I felt really special. It was truly a memorable birthday!

- Aya, 20

Through the Rain
My honey and I were supposed to go out on a date that day, but mother nature cooked up a storm which totally flooded our area. It was virtually impossible for me to leave the house. I felt so bad because I missed him terribly. Suddenly, I heard the doorbell ring. I opened the door, and to my pleasant surprise, I found my boyfriend standing in the doorway, soaking wet! He commuted all the way to my house despite the bad weather because he missed me so much!


- Kris, 19

Afternoon Delight
On the day of our anniversary, two of my friends insisted I accompany them somewhere–that somewhere turned out to be my boyfriend’s house! When we got there, I was surprised to see two of my boyfriend’s buddies in a cross-sword position. I felt like a princess! Then my boyfriend’s little sister brought me to the dining table where a candle-lit merienda was prepared. There were flowers, chocolates, a big banner, and even balloons! My boyfriend then appeared with a guitar, singing a song he composed for me the night before! What a moment that was for me!

- Dana, 16

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