How Long Does It Really Take for Someone to Fall In Love?

Love is such an inexplicable emotion.
by Ana C. Pascual for   |  Aug 13, 2016
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Some people say that they already knew that their partners were the ones they’ll spend the rest of their lives with the moment they laid their eyes on them. But is it really possible to fall in love with a person you just met?

According a new study conducted by researchers at Syracuse University, "it only takes one-fifth of a second after looking at someone for euphoria-inducing chemicals to be released in the brain."

The chemicals released are said to affect 12 different areas of the brain and can yield to different kinds of love – passionate and compassionate types of love, to be exact.

"These results show that love is more than a basic emotion. Love is also a complex function including appraisals, goal-directed motivation, reward, self-representation and body image,” says the researchers of the study.

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