How Hard Do You Fall?

When it comes to love, are you too scared to jump off the cliff or have you already crashed to the bottom of the river? Find out whether you're missing out on adventure or putting yourself at Elirene Siwa
  |  Aug 18, 2007
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A secret admirer sent you a poem. You
tell everyone you're hookin up with your secret admirer as soon as he reveals his identity.
go to school the next day wearing your prettiest outfit. You can't help it, you're inspired.
know for sure that the poem wasn't for you.
think it's even more baduy than those funky artista notebooks.
You see your boyfriend with another girl in the mall. You
turn a blind eye. It doesn't matter what he does as long as he stays with you.
confront your guy about it straight away!
cry your heart out in yet another "We Hate Boys" bonding session with the gals.
start texting your cute classmate in English class. Revenge is sweet.
After chatting with Internet Guy for a few weeks, you decide to
say "Yes, I'll be your girlfriend" before you even meet.
meet up with him and see if sparks fly in person.
stop yourself from chatting with him 24/7 (and end up falling for him).
find someone else to chat with. He doesn't seem interested in meeting you anway.
After three years of no contact, you see your crush, BJ, again. You
wonder why it took three years--you've been searching for him everywhere!
are ecstatic! You look so much better now.
hide and pray to God he doesn't spot you.
can't place who he is right away. He looks different.
Two days before a blind date, you
get facial, wax, and hot oil treatments.
scavenge you closet for the right outfit.
think of foolproof excuses to back out.
pig out on chocolates while staying up late watching Home Improvement reruns.
Your best boy bud admits that he's been crushing on you for two years. You
jump into a romantic relationship with him.
can't stop thinking about him.
get ilang and start avoiding him.
think he's being funny. As usual.

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