How Fast Do You Fall?

Check out AJ Perez's answers to the quiz on how fast he falls in love.
  |  Sep 15, 2010
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1. It’s 7:30 pm—you’re having dinner with your family when your crush texts, asking if she can call you on your landline. What do you do?

a. Excuse yourself from the table and call her right away. Your mobile’s on an unlimited plan anyway—why wait for the landline?
b. Text her back and tell her to call you in an hour—just enough time to finish dinner, dessert, and that conversation you’re having with the ‘rents.
c. Make her wait, and reply to her text at 9 pm. Any decent girl will wait patiently—you don’t need a gal who rushes you all the time.

2. The girl-next-door-slash-love-of-your-life is grounded, with no Internet access. She texts you to say that she’s banned from going out. What’s your go-to tactic to see her this weekend?

a. Keep her entertained through text—and ask her to send you an MMS of her moping in the house.
b. Pray she bargains with her parents and gets off the hook faster than expected.
c. Ask if you can go to her place instead. She may be grounded, but her parents never said "no visitors," right?


3.  You’ve been eyeing your friend’s sister since you met her last week. After much prodding, you’ve managed to schedule a movie group date between your barkada and hers. How do you prepare?

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a. Secretly talk to all your friends so you’re sure you’re sitting right beside her the entire time. No room for mistakes for something as crucial as this!
b. You don’t—if something’s meant to happen, it just will.
c. Go outfit shopping the day before you go out. She’s always seen you in tees and shorts—it’s time to step it up a notch.

4. Your cousin just introduced you to his super cute block mate from college. How long does it take you to add her on Facebook?

a. There’s no way you’re adding her first—she should make the first move!
b. No time at all. On your way home, you add her on FB through your mobile phone.
c. A few days… maybe ‘til she comments on one of your friends’ pages.


5. You and your girlfriend get into a little riff over how she always spends time with the girls, and not enough time with you. What does she do to win you over?

a. The only thing that will get her out of the doghouse is if she surprises you with a cute little puppy.
b. Spend time with you three weekends in a row, without any unnecessary interruptions from her girl friends.
c.  Flash you that adorable smile—it gets you every time!

6. You’ve never been interested in your older brother’s girl best friend that way, but lately she’s been hanging out with you a lot at your house. You get a mis-sent text from her for your brother that says, “Fine, I admit it. I think your lil’ bro is really cute.” How do you react?

a. You show the text to your brother while trying to suppress your kilig. You’ve never liked her-liked her, but you think it may be possible to see her in a different light.
b. Send her the mis-sent text and put a wink emoticon. Time to get your flirt on!
c. Ignore it. She could have meant that in a totally platonic, big sister way.


7. Have you ever experienced love at first sight?

a. Yes—it’s the best.
b. No, it only exists in movies.
c. No, but you do believe in infatuation at first sight.

8. Your secret wish is to be sent a box of chocolates in school by a secret admirer—and it actually comes true! Everyone in class is fawning over your chocolates, and as you head out at the end of classes, you can’t wait for the big reveal. Right outside the school gate is this girl who is so not your type, waving at you with a goofy smile and a huge sign that says, “They’re from me!” What happens next?

a. You feel a tiny twitch in your heart, walk over to her, and say, “Thanks, that was really sweet.”
b. Pretend you didn’t see her outside and sneak your way out of there—fast.
c. Your heart totally melts and you have no idea why you didn’t see her good points in the first place.


9. You’ve been going out with a girl you like and you think it’s time to ask her to be your girlfriend. How long has the ligaw period been?

a. One month, with once a week meet-ups and everyday texting.
b. The entire summer, where we spent practically every day together.
c. My mom says it takes half a year—and I believe her.


See AJ's results after the jump.

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