High Tech Kind of Love

  |  Jun 4, 2010
compiled by Roch Vergara
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"Love nowadays can be found in the cyberworld. People want it to be quick when it comes to love. That's why the real essence of love isn't there anymore. Love has evolved with the advancement of technology."
Vinny, 23


"Well, it's a lot easier to keep contact but I would have to go with the old school because it has that sweet factor."
Lance, 19


"I think these technological gadgets like the cellphone and computer make life more convenient for lovers because it becomes easier to reach each other. While these things are good, they serve as a challenge to guys and girls to be more thoughtful in their relationships. More convenient things are around so it becomes harder to go the extra mile for your loved one."
Mikee, 19


"It has its pro's and con's. The positive thing about it is that it's easier to talk to one another to keep each other posted on your daily routine while the negative is that sometimes, there are issues that needs to be settled in person but with these technologies, these are done through texting or email. You have to explain each detail and it might lead to misunderstanding and might make the problem even bigger."
Lawrence, 20


"It can't be the basis of the relationship. Sometimes, love in chat, email and text are not that serious."
Ryan, 21

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