Here's Why You Shouldn't Ditch Your Friends When You're In a Relationship

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Mar 6, 2016
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For some reason, this ditching of friends whenever we're in a relationship always happens. It happens even to the best of us who are experts on prioritizing and organizing our planned activities. We really can't blame anyone because relationships, especially new ones, are exciting and fun that we just feel the need to always spend more time with our guy even if we've already spent 60% of our days with them.

But before you do permanent damage on your other relationships and before they all get too used to your absence, here's a reminder, Candy Girls. It's never okay to sacrifice your time with your other loved ones just because you now have a boyfriend. 

While it's good that you take your time to strengthen your bond with your guy, limiting your circle of friends and social interactions is dangerous. We're not being pessimists here, but what happens when the two of you break up?

Sure, most loved ones will understand and are willing to pick up the pieces of your friendship and are even game to help you move on from your failed relationship, but that's not the case for everyone. You will lose relationships you've nurtured for a few years, longer than the relationship you've had with your ex-boyfriend. By the time you realized the damage of staying away from them or being absent from your weekly get-togethers, they've already learned to live their lives without you. Discovering how much you've lost in touch with them will also make you feel lonely and isolated, which is difficult to recover from especially when you're also dealing with the loss of a romantic relationship.


So what do you do? Strike a balance. It's nice to actually work on your relationship with your guy and be able to share it with your loved ones, too. Continue showing up whenever there's a meet up planned out, even if you have to sacrifice some time with the bae. Chat, e-mail, or text your BFFs and ask them how they're doing even once a week. Make good use of social media and continue being there for your friends even if you're up in cloud nine because you're too kilig of what you have with your guy. Initiate dinners or weekend lunches with them, especially when there's someone in your barkada celebrating their birthday or something wonderful.

Learn to balance your time between your family, friends, and your guy. Continue relying on your boyfriend, but don't surrender everything to him, especially your social interactions. It's really wonderful that you found new friends and new people to love once you got in a relationship with him, but that's not a reason to ditch your old friends and your time with your family.

Got guy problems you want us to discuss? Let us know in the comments. We'll try our very best to help. :)

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