Here's Why Staying Friends With Your Ex Is the Worst Idea After a Breakup

Cut the ties for now, Candy Girls.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Feb 19, 2016
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There are tons of articles that's been telling us that staying friends with your ex can be a good idea, but here's why it might be good to also choose not to stay in touch with them. 

Sure, there are certain incidents where staying in a platonic relationship with your ex is a good idea—maybe you've been best friends before you started dating or are part of the same barkada. However, therapist and author of Temptations of the Single Girl Nina Atwood says that this friendly sitch with your ex might make moving on more difficult for you. (via

"Wanting to be friends keeps you from feeling the full depth of the loss, softening the blow of the breakup," she explained. "You may feel that this person knows you better than anyone else. Even if you're not sexually attracted, you may still want the emotional intimacy that you shared."


And isn't that true to some extent? We won't feel the magnitude of the breakup because he's still present in our lives. We can still message our exes, ask him about his day, tell him things that we won't dare tell anyone—basically, it's like getting all the relationship benefits without the exclusivity of being in a relationship. We think we're okay until, well, he finds someone new which sends us into another rollercoaster of emotions and into another breakdown.

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Even staying friends with your ex on Facebook isn't a good idea, too. Remember when we talked about why you should stop stalking your ex on social media over here? That's close to this good reason why you should just unfriend them on social media. Keeping up to date with how they're living their lives without you will hurt you more and give you anxiety. 

Bottom line is to take a break from the sight and sound of your ex after the breakup. Sure, it's good to be in good terms after you both hurt each other, but maybe you have to be totally okay first and allow the romantic feelings to die down before doing so.


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