Here's Why It's Important to Know How to Handle Fights in a Relationship

Better take notes, Candy Girls.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jun 2, 2017
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Fights and arguments are normal when you're in a relationship. It's something that can't be avoided because, although you're a couple, you're still two different individuals.

However, according to Darcy Sterling, Ph.D., executive director of Alternatives Counseling in NYC, in an explanation for Psychology Today, there are signs that "predict, with amazing accuracy, the ending of your relationship story." (via

It lies in the way the two of you handle arguments, fights, and heated discussions. She says that if you handle the arguments with contempt, then you and your babe are most likely going to end up in a breakup. Contempt, according to her, is "an energy of disgust that emanates from you during fights." It can come out in different ways like refusing to listen to what your babe has to say or shutting him down when he attempts to explain and make you understand.

The important thing to remember is that it's normal for us to feel this way, but that we also should learn how to not express it towards our partners. If you need help in dealing with relationship fights, we actually have several stories that will help you:


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