Here's Why It's Good That You Get Annoyed With Your Boyfriend From Time to Time

Calm down, girl, it's actually okay to get annoyed at him.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Feb 24, 2016
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We've said it in this article before, there are certain fights that will keep your relationship healthy. Sure, you may get annoyed at your boyfriend sometimes but that's totally normal. No need for you to panic or overthink that maybe you and your guy are just not meant to be. Plus, here are more reasons for you to be convinced that feeling annoyed at high might actually be a good thing from relationship coach Kira Asatryan. (via

While fights in your relationship should lessen in time, there are little annoyances that actually bring some good to you and your guy. Getting a little frustrated with your partner means that your relationship is one way you can tell that you're actually feeling more comfortable with each other now, that you have finally moved on from that honeymoon stage where you're just googly-eyed about each other.

You no longer feel required to always agree with what he says or that you should always think about what's good for him alone. You also don't feel a strong pressure to say and do the right things according to him at all times, which to a certain extent is good. It means you're now comfortable showing who you really are in the relationship, and that you have that sense of trust that he will understand where you're coming from. 

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But if you're still worried that these fights might cause both of you to take each other for granted, calm down. Kira says in the article that the fact that you're calling out your partner for his annoying actions means you care and are willing to make the relationship work. What's actually scary is when you don't notice these tiny changes and aren't willing to exert an effort anymore.

However you may view your relationship fights and these little quirks, just keep one thing in mind: These annoyances are supposed to make you and your guy grow in your relationship. They are avenues for both of you to get to know each other better and meet each other in the middle. Maybe these annoying habits also lead to a deeper and bigger issue which needs both of your attention. Figure things out with your guy and always choose to work on it and out of it together, hand in hand.


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