Here's What You Need to Know Before the First Time You Have Sex

by Ana C. Pascual   |  Mar 18, 2017
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There is always a first time for everything—and when it comes to the first time you have sex, it isn't something you do and just get over with. You have to prepare for it mentally, physically, and emotionally because it can and will change your life. Yes, it may leave you feeling empowered and more of a woman but you have to take precautions. Here are some important things to consider before you even decide to give up your "V-card."

If possible, get tested first—both of you.

It may be your first time to have sex, but what about your partner? If your partner has been sexually active in the past and may have had unprotected sex, it's vital to go to a doctor; you wouldn't want to risk getting a disease or infection, right?

It may be a little uncomfortable.

Most girls have a misconception of experiencing intense agony when they do it for the first time but according to a therapist, that's a myth. "If it's the first time having intercourse and the hymen is still intact, it might feel like a little pinch, but it shouldn't be very painful," says Reena Liberman, MS, a private practice sex therapist in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

This is why lubrication is important. If you're still dry down there and he starts to enter, it could be painful because of the friction. Wait for your vagina to be ready and if it's taking a long time, use lubricants.

Not everyone bleeds.

There's always been a notion that virgins who do it for the first time bleed because their hymen is ripped but experts say that's not solely the reason as "rushed, non-sensual, poorly lubricated, piston-like intercourse might abrade sensitive vaginal tissue enough to cause bleeding." If you want to avoid bloody sheets, do it slowly, move at your own pace, and enjoy the moment.

It can bring you two closer.

After doing the deed, you may find it weird and awkward to talk to your bae. But as days go by, you'll realize that it actually brought you two closer than ever. But if you had sex for the first time with someone who isn't your boyfriend (or worst, someone who has no intention of being in a relationship), you have to be prepared for the worst, emotionally.

Once you've had an intimate moment together, this could lead to a lot of things such as attachment—so if you plan to lose your virginity to someone you're not involved with, tread carefully and keep your feelings intact.

Stay protected.

Aside from not wanting to get infected with any kind of disease, condoms may also prevent unwanted pregnancies! If you're going to be sexually active, it'll be better to take the pill since contraceptives such as condoms don't give you 100% assurance that you won't conceive. Remember, it's better to be safe than sorry.

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