Here's How You Perfectly Handle a Breakup Online

Because you don't need to rant about your ex-bae online.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Aug 19, 2016
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When news about Bella Thorne and Gregg Sulkin's split broke, we didn't know how to deal. We love this couple and we think—still do!—they look sooo good together. We haven't heard from the two celebrities about the reason behind their breakup or who broke up with whom. But recently, on Twitter, Bella spoke of the breakup with a few of her fans.

She didn't bring up the exact reason on why the split had to happen between him and Gregg but from her replies, we can tell that they parted ways on good terms.

Instead of focusing on the negative, Bella thanked her fans for their support and understanding during this difficult time in her life—something we can all learn from, especially since it's common nowadays to lash out on social media and talk about how people make you feel bad or hurt you.

Bella even talked about their babies—their cats together—and opened up about who gets to take care of them. Aww, isn't that the sweetest?

We know how hard it must be for Bella to talk about their breakup, Gregg, and even anything remotely related to her boyfriend at this time, but we really look up at how she handles this whole split offline and online. Teaches us a thing or two on how to deal with someone we used to hold so dear.

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