Here's How You Can Still Have a Love Life Even When You're Both Busy with School

It's not easy, but it's possible to keep your relationship healthy.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jan 19, 2017
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Being in school isn't easy. Much of your time is dedicated to finishing your school requirements and studying for your subjects. But that doesn't mean you can't have a bit of fun and a bit of room for your love lives. Believe it or not, it's actually possible to still have time for your boyfriends during the school year. How do you do it? This list is your answer!

  1. Find your common time.

At the beginning of the school year or the semester, exchange schedules and study them together. You can find your common time and schedule dates in advance, especially for important moments in your relationship. This will also help you determine how much school load he has or if he got difficult subjects, so you know when to adjust date nights for when he needs to study.

  1. Maximize the use of messaging apps.

There are a ton of ways we can all stay connected these days. If you can't see each other for a few days, you can use Skype, Facetime, or even Facebook Messenger for the mean time. We know it's not easy to get used to just seeing your boyfriend through your phone screen, but both of you also have to prioritize school so just give it a chance.

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  1. Study together.

Go to a cafeteria, a restaurant, or the library together, and work on your requirements together. We suggest this, too, if you're both taking the same subjects. Not only will you keep your relationship healthy, you can also work on your grades together. Now isn't that wonderful?

  1. Be open to changing your schedule.

We know it's difficult to cancel dates that you've been planning for weeks. However, if a surprise test comes up or even a surprise project that they have to study for and to finish, be considerate enough to move your date. As we've mentioned earlier, education is also your priority so you have to make time for it, too.

  1. Make good use of the time you have together.

Since you're not spending as much time together as you want to, make sure that you actually cherish the time you have together. Put your phones down and just spend your time catching up and being there with him. Remember that this phase won't be forever, so don't give up.


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