Here's How Get Your Crush's Attention

Catch his attention-and probably his heart.
by Ana C. Pascual   |  Jun 5, 2016
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Are you currently crushing on someone but is still confused on how to make him notice you? Here are some ways you can nab that cutie you've been eyeing since first semester:

Stay positive.

According to a paper in Personality and Individual Differences, you are deemed more attractive if the opposite sex feels that you are a positive person. "Personality traits may contribute to judging facial attractiveness and that the personality traits desired in a person are reflected in facial preference," said the researchers of the study. Remember, being beautiful is one thing, being someone beautiful inside and out is another.

Maintain your luscious locks.

Weird as it seems, you may grab a boy's attention with how attractive your hair is. A survey done by dating site found that "three-quarters of men say they will compliment a woman on her hairstyle, while 13% say they'll stay quiet about it because they don't know what to say". So the next time you pass by him at the school hallway, give your hair a flip and look at his direction—if he doesn't notice it, then he's blind.


Tone down on the makeup.

While there's nothing wrong with girls who love to put on makeup, a new study published in The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology found that most boys find girls more attractive if they have less makeup on—or is sporting the natural look. But, don't go changing your makeup routine just yet, if you like enhancing your features, go ahead and have fun—you don't need to change how you really are just to get a boy's attention.

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Laugh at his jokes.

Yes, no matter how corny they are! A new study has found that men are more attracted to women who laugh at their jokes and a good sense of humour is considered as a sought-after trait in a mate. Eric Bressler, a graduate student at McMaster University who is studying the role of humour in personal attraction says, "When it comes to friendships, men like to be around women who produce humour; when it comes to deeper relationships, they only dig women who laugh at their jokes."

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