He's Totally In Love with You If He Does These Little Things

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by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jan 16, 2017
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We know, we know. Girls have a bad habit of over analyzing everything. Sometimes we even think our boyfriends don't love us anymore because it took them a few hours to respond to our text messages. Huhu! But when you're feeling down and he seems too busy to notice, here's a list you should go through. If he does these things for you, we assure you that he's in love with you.

  1. He agrees to watch a movie he doesn't like because you're dying to see it in cinemas.

Think about it, it's easy to agree to the things you like doing with him or the things you want to try doing with him. But it takes a lot of effort to actually do things that you know you won't like? You won't even try learning how to play his favorite video game with him. So you could just imagine how much he loves you when he agrees to watch Twilight with you. Give him a little credit for that. *winks*

  1. He visits you even when you're sick and you haven't taken a bath for days.

Yup, he doesn't mind at all as long as he's able to make sure you're doing fine and are recovering well. He even gives you a kiss and a hug even if he knows you've been lazy to take a bath for days. The best part? He never forgets to bring your favorite things—including your favorite comfort food!

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  1. He's friends with your barkada.

And he actually finds it fun being around them! He remembers the teeny details of your stories about them and he sincerely cares about them, too. Isn't the fact that he cares about the people you care about the sweetest?

  1. He needs to see you after he went away for vacation.

It's only been for a few days or a few weeks, but his first plan after he comes back from a long holiday away? He runs to your place and talks to you! You've been talking to each other via Facetime or Skype but, of course, it's still different when you talk to each other face to face.

  1. He remembers the details of your conversation, which means he pays attention.

It's touching enough when a guy pretends to listen to everything you talk about. So you could just imagine how touching it is when he actually remembers that you like dipping Oreos in Nutella or that you like eating cereals before going to bed. He just doesn't love talking to you, he also loves listening to you and your stories!

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