Happiness is Giddiness

What turns your knees into jello and your heart beat fast? Spill!
  |  Jul 16, 2007
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When he says "I love you" out of the blue. :) —yaoming11

Simple things that he does for me like a missed call on my cell or a buzz on YM. —Ishy

When he sang to me. ;) —moistfirecracker

When the guy cooks for me or writes poetry for me. :) —wiccanprincess

I have no boyfriend right now, but when a guy kisses my forehead, just embraces me, and maybe says I love you, ay, super kilig ako nun. :) —ProdigiousLily

When he hugs me so tight like it's the end of the world and I hear his heartbeat. *faints* —loriel14

How about you? What gets you kilig? :)

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