Guys Q & A: How Do I Win Him Back?

What if you want to give your relationship a second try?
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  May 8, 2014
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Do you have guy questions you want answered? A Candy Girl wrote to us, asking, "How do I win my ex back?" And because we love being able to help you out in Boy-ology (LOL), here's what we think about your dilemma.

So you want him back. But the bigger question is, does he want you back? If he does, winning his affection again will be a little easy. You can start with a good conversation about what went wrong, skip the blame game, admit your mistakes, apologize, and try to do better this time around. Make your second chance count, and prove him that it is worth it to take that leap again with you.

The sad thing is, what if he doesn't want you back? What if the feeling isn't mutual? What if he just wants to let everything you've had go? At this point, all you can do is also to let it go and move on. We're sure he has a reason for not returning your feelings, and you have to respect that. Maybe, someday when the time is right and your feelings for each other are aligned, you'll get your second chance. For now, let it go and make it easier for him to move on. If it's meant to happen, let's just say, fate has a way of pulling both of you back in.

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Good luck, Candy Girl!

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