Guys Q & A: How Do I Act Cool Around A Guy I Just Met?

Not sure how to act around a guy you just met? This might help.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Apr 24, 2014
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Got guy-related concerns you've always wanted to address? One Candy Girl sent us an SOS, saying, "Help! My cousins are setting me up with a guy I don't know. How do I act cool around him?"

It is difficult to act cool around a guy, especially if you have just been introduced. The meeting gets awkward, and you're bound to listen to your deep sighs until one of you decides to call it a night. But because we want to help you out in the guy department, here's a list of things you should bear in mind  so you can keep your cool around a guy you just met.

  1. Say hi. Don't forget that he is just like you. He doesn't know what to do, too. A simple greeting that's given with a smile can lighten the mood and make him feel a little comfortable.

  2. Be attentive. You don't know each other, so you'll most probably talk about yourselves—your favorites, likes, and dislikes. Although you feel anxious and uneasy or you can't wait for your turn to talk, listen to what he says. If something catches your attention, ask questions. Tell him what's inside your mind. Don't just sit there, thinking that guys should always keep the ball rolling.

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  3. Thank him. Like you, he went out of his way to meet you too. He could be doing something else, but he spared some time to be with you instead. Tell him that it was nice meeting him and being in his company. Wish him well and tell him you hope to see him again soon. Who knows, this could be the start of something wonderful.

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