Guys Q & A: Am I Sending Him Mixed Signals?

Are you leading him to you or scaring him away?
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  May 22, 2014
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Guy troubles making you toss and turn at night? One Candy Girl sent us an SOS, saying, "I like this guy and my friends told me he likes me, too. I want to take things to the next level, but he doesn't seem to understand that I feel the same way, too. Am I doing the right thing or am I sending him mixed signals?" Because we love being able to help you out in the guy department, here's what we have to say about this dilemma.

The thing with most guys is that they never really assume anything, unless it has been laid out on the table for them. This means you have to spell it out for him, Candy Girl, in big and bold letters. Why don't you drink a bottle of courage, talk to him, and tell him you really like him yourself?

Too soon to spill the beans? Then you should learn to send him all the right signals. Why don't you ask him how he is or if he wants to hang out with you sometime before school starts? Chat with him on Facebook or send him a link to something you think he'd like to read. Compliment him on the shirt he's wearing or that new haircut he got over the weekend. Make him feel that you notice him and that you're thinking of him in between things. But remember to follow through, always follow through. Don't talk to him today and then ignore him a week or two after. That will just confuse him more or, worse, make him feel like you're just leading him on.

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If you think those things still don't work or that he still doesn't seem to notice you, then maybe he's not just ready to take things seriously yet. If your friends did confirm that he likes you, maybe that's where he wants to stay at the moment—in the crush zone. But that doesn't mean you should give up on him or give up on the possibility. Just hang in there, Candy Girl, and who knows? He might come around soon and get into the realization that you're not just crush material, but girlfriend material. Good luck!

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