Guy Confessions: Where's Your Dream Place For a Kiss?

These cuties talk about the place where they'd want to give and receive a kiss.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Apr 16, 2014
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Who wouldn't want a good kiss, right? So, we just had to ask these cuties about a good place where they'd want to give or receive a kiss. Here are their answers:

"On an island, while watching a pyrotechnic display." —Aaron Teejay Sanchez

"A 7-star hotel and resort would be romantic." —Benjo Leoncio 

"During a sunset, in an exotic beach."Christian Perkins

"Maybe in church. Not everyone gets to receive and give a kiss inside a church, not unless it’s during your wedding." —Christian Paulo Tiu

"While having dinner in Amsterdam."Arturo Daza

Where would you want to give or receive a kiss, Candy Girls? Sound off in the comments or tweet us @candymagdotcom to join the conversation!

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