What Would Make Guys Break Up with Their Girlfriends?

What makes them turn away from the person they love?
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Feb 14, 2017
Image: MBC
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There are moments in a relationship when you just know that there's no using to saving it anymore, when the only choice you have is to let the other person go. Girls, like us, usually have a definite reason why we need to just break up with a guy. But have you ever wondered what makes guy break up with their girlfriends? These Candy Cuties clue us in on that.

"There are only two reasons: The first is when I catch her cheating on me and second, when she doesn't want me anymore." —Aidan Tasker-Lynch
"Because she deserves a better person. I would want the love of my life to live life to the fullest and for her to have a happy life even if it's not with me." —Jet Romero

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