Guy Confessions: What's the Most Memorable Thing You've Ever Done for a Girl?

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jun 9, 2015
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We all love doing things for the people we love. Guys are no different. Just like us, they do everything in their power to make the girl they like feel special—even if that takes moving mountains for them. So we just had to ask our Candy Cuties about the most memorable thing they've ever done for a girl. Read their answers below and brace yourselves, because their answers are giving us major kilig feels.

Paco Rabat
"I won a teddy bear for her in a game." —Paco Rabat
James Wright
"I prepared a candlelit dinner for us by the pool." —James Wright
Jak Roberto "I made lunch for her." —Jak Roberto
Lorenzo Luis Flores "I bought her three balloons which represented the words "I Love You," and made her let it go and told her as long as those balloons are lost, that's how long I will love her." —Lorenzo Luis Flores
Keanu Villanueva "I sneaked into her room to surprise her." —Keanu Villanueva
Alfonso delos Reyes "I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and we bought it together." —Fons delos Reyes

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How about you, Candy Girls? What was the most memorable thing you've ever done for a guy? Let's talk in the comments or via Twitter @candymagdotcom. :)

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