The Things Guys Are Willing to Sacrifice for the Girl They Love

Guys are willing to give these up for the girls they love.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  May 24, 2016
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All relationships require sacrifice, whether they're big or small. Most of the time, we just don't realize it but we're already giving something up for the persons we love. Ever wondered what guys are willing to give up just to make the love of their lives happy? Read their thoughts below.

"I'm willing to sacrifice some of the financial resources that I would usually splurge for myself to take her out and give us both a good time. I'm qite materialistic but I must admit that creating good memories with someone is crucial if you want a relationship to last." —Ace Libre
"Talking to other girls. She might get jealous." —Arturo Alleje
"Time. I think the fact that I can do other things with the time I have but would choose instead to invest it on her speaks volumes on how important she is to me." —Jiolo Velez
"The last piece of pizza because as much as I love pizza, I obviously love her more." —Santi Ortega
"I would give up all my time for the right girl because she'd be worth it." —Jack Reid
"Time! I am willing willing to give up time for the girl I love because I know that the time I spend with her is always worth it. When I'm with her, time is well spent and I am super happy." —Diego Gutierrez

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