The Things Girls Obsess About That Guys Don't Really Notice

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Apr 26, 2016
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We sometimes tend to obsess about anything and everything, be it clothes, makeup, or even a cutie. So we had a little fun with some of our Candy Cuties and asked them about the things girls obsess about that they don't really notice. Read their answers below!

Santi Hocson "I think that girls are secretly obsessed with fixing their eyebrows. I mean, guys know that girls love styling themselves but for some reason, their eyebrows have to be on point. It's okay, though because it's cute." —Santi Hocson
Oliver Edman "Television series, clothes, curly hair, straight hair. I don't know, hahaha. I don't really notice." —Oliver Edman
Luca Allejea "Their laugh. We don't mind it, really." —Luca Alleje

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