The Most Important Things to Consider in Every Relationship

Remember these when you're dealing with your relationships.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jun 14, 2016
Image: VIVA Films ART Clare Magno
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A relationship's success or survival doesn't only depend on the love you feel for each other or how much effort you're willing to exert on the relationship. It also depends on your values as a couple, and what the two of you hold really dear to your hearts when it comes to dealing with your commitments. To help us get an idea of what we should consider when we get in one, we asked some help from our Candy Cuties. Read their thoughts below and take notes, Candy Girls!

"Trust. That is the single most important thing every relationship should have. Why be in a relationship when you don't even trust each other?" —Santi Hocson
"Communication and the random surprises. The time you start to lose interest when you don't talk to each other a lot, there's something wrong. You should add a little spice every now and then by surprising her with flowers or all those unexpected visits. Trust should also always be there." —Oliver Edman
"Trust because without this they won't be able to be away from each other, not even for a day." —Luca Alleje

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