Is She Worth the Heartbreak?

These guys share how they can tell if a girl is worth all the pain.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Mar 8, 2016
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No one knows for sure if one relationship can last or if it's just bound to fall apart in the long run. All we know when we get in one is whether that person is worth the heartbreak or not. And for that, we asked our Candy Cuties to help us tell if one person is worth the pain. Read their thoughts below.

Ace Libre "It's the kind of thing where one's heart overpowers the mind. You can't explain why but every fiber of your being just aches for her and this influences your decisions for better or for worse." —Ace Libre
Arturo Alleje "If I love her so much, and if I remember that part of my life till death." —Arturo Alleje
Jiolo Velez "If she also shows that she is willing to sacrifice a lot for the good of our relationship." —Jiolo Velez
Santi Orteg "When you understand that her happiness is more important than yours." —Santi Ortega
Jack Reid "You can see it in her eyes." —Jack Reid
Diego Gutierrez "A girl is worth the heartbreak when every time you see her walking towards you, you feel that excitement and nervousness over and over and that feeling will never go away. Also, she's worth the heartbreak when every time you're with her, you're the happiest person alive." —Diego Gutierrez

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What about you, Candy Girls? How do you know that someone is worth the heartbreak? Let us know in the comments. We always love hearing from you. :)

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