Guy Confessions: How Would You Ask a Girl Out For Your First Date?

These cuties spill their ways on how they'd ask a girl out.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  May 12, 2015
PHOTO Mark Jesalva
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While asking a girl out should sound easy because, duh, the guy just has to approach her and ask, that's not always the case. Just like us, guys also get extremely shy and awkward around girls. Texting her feels the same, too, because it's not always easy to explain how they got your number or  they wouldn't want to sound like a creeper. So to give us an idea of how guys would ask out a girl they like for their first dates, we asked a few of our Candy Cuties. Hear them out below.

Paco Rabat "I'll ask her in person if she wants to hang out with me." —Paco Rabat
James Wright "Politely like, 'Would you go on a date with me?' Simple, but effective." —James Wright
Jak Roberto "Ask her out to dinner personally." —Jak Roberto
Lorenzo Luis Flores "I'd be chill and ask her if she wants to hang out." —Lorenzo Luis Flores
Keanu Villanueva "Simple, just ask her personally if she wants to go out." —Keanu Villanueva
Alfonso delos Reyes "I'll ask her what's a perfect date like for her, then I'll think of something better than that." —Alfonso delos Reyes

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What about you, Candy Girls? How would you ask guys out on a date? Or would you consider asking them out? Let's talk about it in the comments or via Twitter @candymagdotcom. We always love hearing from you. :)

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