Guy Confessions: Do You Think Your Parents Should Approve of the Girl You're Dating?

Because dealing with your parents' opinions isn't really easy.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Mar 18, 2015
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Getting your parents' approval on who you're dating is one of the hardest things you'll ever encounter in life. Their standards are so high, which is understandable because they only want what's best for you. So obviously,  it can be quite scary to have them meet the one you love. This is why some resort to getting into secret relationships just to skip through the whole process, while others just pretend not to mind what their parents have to say. The decisionrests entirely on you and your partner, though, if it matters for both of you or not. We just had to talk about this relationship topic with our Candy Cuties, of course, to get some insight from guys.

Ice Tugot "Yes, because as I see it, it's either you break up with the one you're dating or you marry her. And I don't think you could marry someone your parents don't approve of." —Ice Tugot
Arkin Magalona "I think they should because they know what's best for you." —Arkin Magalona

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