6 Signs That Your Guy Is Feeling Jealous

Thought guys never get jealous or they do but they just don't show it? That's where you're very wrong.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Feb 23, 2016
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Thought guys never get jealous or they do but they just don't show it? That's where you're very wrong. They actually give the smallest signs that they already want your attention. Still clueless? Don't worry because these Candy Cuties are here to help you with that. Read their answers now and make sure you take note of these signs.

LA Aguinaldo "Yes, we'll make tampo, too!" —LA Aguinaldo
Kris Porter "Guys ALWAYS get jealous! We're just too full of pride to want to show it. Hahaha! Personally, magtatampo lang ako a bit. That's probably the most expressive I'll get if I were to show any jealousy at all." —Kris Porter
Fiel Buencamino "Yes, we do get jealous! We show it by being so kulit in a sweet way, like giving you flowers, treating you, basically, spending the whole day with you." —Fiel Buencamino
Nicolas Allejen "We get over protective or hella clingy." —Nicolas Alleje
Neil Dy "Whenever I'm jealous, I always try to control my emotions, but I will make the girl feel that I am. Sometimes I make tampo or I just keep quiet and show her that something's wrong." —Neil Dy
Julio Ortega "Well, it really depends on the guy. For me, I won't show it. Just say it straight up." —Julio Ortega

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What about you, Candy Girls? How do you show a guy you're jealous? Let's talk in the comments. :)

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