Girls on TV and in Movies Guys Like

As these female characters make waves on the boob tube and silver screen, this Candy guy tells you why boys can’t help but love 'em.
by Drew Asuncion   |  Oct 2, 2010
photo courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox TV (The OC)
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  1. PEYTON SAWYER (Hilarie Burton)
    Peyton is the tortured artist type, whose virtually antisocial leanings hide a potentially wonderful girl. Think Rachel Leigh Cook in She’s All That, but a bit more intense. Guys dream of being the ones to finally polish a diamond in the rough, and girls like Peyton provide the perfect raw material. That is, if we boys don’t get our hands lopped off in the process.
    Clue in:
    Unleash the artist in you! Paint, write, or even sing and dance!
  2. CADY HERON (Lindsay Lohan)
    Ah, the proverbial new girl in school. Guys like her because she represents a wild card in their normally dull world. Cady is an unknown factor, and thus brings with her an air of mystery. Who is she? What is she like? More importantly, what kind of guy does she like? The fact that she spent the first 15 years of her life in the African bush only heightens the mystery for us.
  3. SUMMER ROBERTS (Rachel Bilson)
    Summer is the classic little rich girl. She gets what she wants, when she wants it. She walks through life without regrets, and the free-spiritedness of her character is what draws guys to her like bees to honey. Aside from the obvious benefits that a direct line to Daddy’s big wallet entail, of course, we timid young men (ahem, ahem) wish for a girl who could balance us and straighten us out when we need it, and Summer is the perfect example of that girl.
    Clue in:
    Don’t be afraid to be yourself. If people don’t like the real you, then they probably don’t deserve to be your friends anyway, right?
  4. BROOKE DAVIS (Sophia Bush)
    A lot of schools have what sharp tongues would deem a “wild” girl, and Brooke is that girl in One Tree Hill. Brooke’s raw sex appeal is what reels the guys in. But that also makes it very easy to overlook the fact that girls like Brooke, while pure party animals on the outside, are often quite intelligent and complex on the inside.
    Clue in:
    Hit the social scene, make lots of new friends, and watch your popularity grow. Just always remember to look out for yourself.
  5. MARISSA COOPER (Mischa Barton)
    She has everything a girl could possibly want, but isn’t afraid to risk it all for something that she believes she needs. The O.C.’s Marissa is rapidly metamorphosing into her own person, and her individuality is what a lot of guys find very sexy. She has a mind of her own, and she makes decisions without really caring what the people around her think. For guys, it’s a refreshing change from ladies who can’t even decide where they want to eat.
    Clue in:
    Be assertive. Tell us what you want, and the chances of your getting it go up!

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