Girl Talk with Enrique Gil, Matteo Guidicelli, and Xian Lim

Need pointers to get these cuties to notice you? You may want to read this!
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Apr 19, 2014
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As promised, and because we know you want the deets on McDonald's Everyday McSavers ambassadors—Enrique Gil, Matteo Guidicelli, and Xian Lim—here's the second part of our afternoon chat with them about their favorite topic: GIRLS!

They were very game to talk about everything you have to know about their type of girls, and many more! When we told them it's time for girl talk, their eyes twinkled and they all said, "Ooohhh!" Cuties!

How can a girl get your attention?

Enrique: When you go out to eat, at pag kakain kayo, you order burgers, chicken. And the girl orders salad. I'm like, "Salad?!" Gusto ko pag kumakain ako ng cheeseburger, cheeseburger rin yung kinakain nya. Gusto ko sabayan nya ako!

Xian: I guess, yung mga mahiyaing girls. I like mga dalagang Filipina

Matteo: Me, I want someone who's adventurous. Yung nagi-experiment, who eats different things, goes around the world, and feeds her mind. 


How do you get a girl's attention?

Enrique: By just being fun, I guess. Girls like guys who are fun to be with.

Xian: Ako, no one really paid attention to me before. I had a crush before. I liked her so much that all I can say was hi. She got weirded out, and she didn't want to see me again. Wala, I don't know how to catch a girl's attention.

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Matteo: I just go and be honest with myself. I don't try to be somebody else. 

Where would you bring your girlfriend this summer vacation?

Matteo: I'd bring her to Batanes. I hear it's a bit like New Zealand, and we'd take pictures. I really want to go there. It's my dream place.

Xian: Just out of the country. Anywhere outside the country.

Enrique: I love the beach kasi, so I really want to go with her to the Bahamas. 


What do you want to see girls wearing this summer?

Enrique: I like girls wearing the boyfriend shirt, a pair of shorts, and flats.

Xian: Just don't wear heels, it's weird.

Matteo: Anything, basta they're confident with themselves. Or when they wear ripped jeans and a shirt.

The best and worst pickup lines you used on girls.

Enrique: Xian has a lot! But, seriously, I don't use pickup lines on girls. Kasi when you use that, you're setting a standard. I don't want to do it like that.

Xian: Ito, joke lang. Ang relationship natin parang universe. It starts with UNI, at walang katapusan.

Matteo: Ooohhh.

Xian: Ito yung worst. Alcohol ka ba? Germs kasi ako, 99.9% patay na patay sa'yo.

Enrique: What?! Tuloy mo pa! Tuloy mo pa!

Matteo: Over na yun, pare! Haha!

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