From Best Friend To Boyfriend

by Karl Bustamante   |  Apr 8, 2012
photo by Patrick Martires
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It just seems so natural—you spend a lot of time together after class and hang out on weekends. When he's troubled, he calls you after dinner to spill his guts. And the great thing is, you can do the same with him. Your friends tease you about how great you guys would be together, and you kind of believe them. Why not? You basically know everything about each other, and naturally, the next step would be to change that "It's complicated" Facebook status to "In a relationship." But the difficult part is how to sit down and talk about taking things to the next level. Should you even do it? After all, getting rejected is one thing, but getting rejected by your best guy bud hurts even more. Here's a definitive guide to handling the transition from buddy to boyfriend.


The first question to ask yourself is this: Does he like you in that way too? There's always a right time for everything, and with something that's this big of a deal, you’ll need to make sure you're on the same page.


Tell: Sure, he may be your guy best friend, but does he always wait for you after class and offer to carry your bag? Keep in mind that most guys will just hang out with their buds or make their way to the nearest Internet shop to play Call of Duty with the boys after class. Another sure sign is if he calls you almost every day when there's really nothing to talk about. If he fits the profile, then the chances are high that he likes you in that way. So if you’re ready to take it to the next level, there's no reason why you guys shouldn’t sit down and talk about it.

Don't Tell: It all depends on the situation. Yes, he all but told you he wants to be your boyfriend. But it's smart not to give in to your emotions when the time is not right. Foremost is when he still has a girlfriend. You don't want to be dubbed the "other girl," right? Besides, you don't need the whole school talking about you and your supposed flirty ways. It's best to hold off and let your guy friend figure out what he really wants. If he really likes you, then he'll make the decision to be with you—and only you. Another no-no is if he's coming out of a really emotional event such as a bad breakup or a family problem. Just be there for him and wait for things to settle down before you profess your undying love for him. After all, you don’t want your relationship to start off with him having issues.

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