For the Guy I Have Yet to Meet But Not at This Time

Because this isn't your time yet.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jul 15, 2015
ART Trixie Ison PHOTO Mr. Mudd
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Know this: Somewhere, in another part of the world, there's someone out there thinking of you and wondering if you exist. Someone out there is going about his day as normally as he could, trying to push the thought of you out of his head. There's that one person miles away from you who's wishing you'd come through his life's open doors as soon as you possibly can, but you won't. You won't want to give in to his wishes.

You're wishing to meet him and sweep him of his feet, too. But in the dead of the night, you wake up with a slight fear that he'd be coming sooner than expected, just when you're learning to breathe and stand on your own two feet again. You fear that he'll come at a time when you're just not prepared to take a leap of faith and lay your heart on the line.


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You have a million and one reasons why this time isn't a good one to meet him yet. Maybe it's because you're taking your time to live with the battle scars you got when you decided that it's best to be alone for now. Maybe it's because you want to make your dreams happen first, and you're scared that a bruised soul will just damage you and slow you down. Maybe this time, you're still letting go of a past love, a past heartbreak, a past something that just didn't work out. Maybe you're busy being you, and you just can't be bothered being somebody else's someone for now. So you find yourself calling out to him, hoping that the hand of destiny lets him know you exist and ask him to wait just a little bit more for now.

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There are a lot of people in the world and you know that someday, the force of the universe will take its course and pull you in together. That's inevitable. But you pray, and you pray with all of your heart that it doesn't happen any sooner. You're thankful that he does exist, that he's out there, just as excited and a little fearful to meet you, but you just wish it won't happen any time soon.

So this time, when you wake up again in the dead of the night and sudden thoughts about the person you haven't met yet come to haunt you for the thousandth time, you whisper your fears to the cold night air and wish that somehow, your prayers make their way to him. Wait for it, you say, wait for the sign, wait for that split second when our hearts beat together at the same time, wait for that moment when your hand brushes mine and everything's peaceful and calm and things slowly surrender to their proper places. Wait for that moment when the timing is right, not perfect but right, and that's when we'll surely happen, when ours stars collide.


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