Five Guys Destined to Change Your Life

Meet the five guys who will change your life.
by Jillian Gatcheco   |  Mar 7, 2010
illustration by Beam Mariano
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Yep, we're all about girl power, but the truth is, guys deserve some credit too! Sure, they're scientifically proven to be more emotionally handicapped, but they push us to be better, make our hearts skip a beat, and provide sane advice when all our girlfriends are biased. Here's how to show them just how special you think they are!

  1. My Dad
    He has seen you at your worst, but still thinks you're prettier than any cover girl (read: It's another way of saying you've got good genes). He gives your boyfriend a hard time, but he's just watching your back so you don't end up with a loser. He teaches you how to bike, karate-kick, fly a kite, and other trivial things you don't really need but would be better off with. And all these he does in between giving you free rides, daily allowance (aside from shopping money), and license to complain when you think they're not enough (aww).

    Next time you see him: Say thank you! It doesn't matter how you do it, but these two simple words would mean the world to him. Remember, he's not perfect; he's not even sure if he's raising you right! It's time to give him the reassurance he needs.

  2. My Boyfriend
    He faced your parents' wrath, gave you the occasional flowers, and ditched his manliness to "baby talk" to you (seriously!). He gave you a shot at falling in love, became jealous at just the right times, and tagged along on your shopping trips only to become your personal alalay (You: "Baby, can you hold my bags while I try these shoes on?").

    Next time you see him: Ask him what he wants to do. It's been all about you 75% of the time, so it's his turn now! Would he like to play Mafia Wars? Scout for the latest geeky find? Try a sport? Take a peek into his world!

  3. My Guy Friend
    When having girlfriends isn't enough, your guy pal enters the picture. He gives logical advice, tells you you're wearing the wrong outfit, and becomes your willing prom date when the need arises. He's there when you fight with your boyfriend, and provides a touch of testosterone to your otherwise purely girly activities. He basically makes your life more colorful, and you're a better person for it.

    Next time you see him: Take him out to dinner! Who says only girls deserve to be given the special treatment? Go all out! It's high time you give back to your best guy bud (and give him more reasons to bear with your crazy ways!).

  4. My Younger Bro
    He used to be a bundle of joy until he became two years old; now he's your nonstop pestering machine. But really, if it weren't for your little bro, you wouldn't know what it's like to be needed, in control, and responsible. You become the parent-in-charge when Mom and Dad are out, and although you don't realize it, he disciplines you more than you do him!

    Next time you see him: try to exert more effort in getting along with each other. Stop complaining about how bratty he gets, and realize that you play a pivotal role in his childhood, which he will bring with him as he grows up. It's a lot of pressure, but since you're automatically designated as the big sis, try to enjoy the adventures that come along with it!

  5. My Mentor
    Whether he's a favorite teacher or elderly next-door neighbor, he's practically a second parent to you. Making you realize your true potential, he teaches you to choose the prudent yet more difficult path-because you can. Although he may not be present all the time, the moments you spend together boosts your confidence and prepares you for most of what's called the real world.

    Next time you see him: Show something you've achieved as a result of what he taught. Whether it's a diploma, a better grade, or any type of good news, nothing would make a mentor happier than positive outcome!
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