Embarrassing Moments In A Guy's World

12 cringe-worthy moments that get boys into trouble.
  |  Aug 3, 2010
compiled by Carrie Cruz and Eloi Generoso * illustration by Ben Deluyas
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  1. Shoe-ccer Game
    I forgot to bring my soccer shoes for our championship match. Luckily, one of my teammates had an extra pair. Though his shoes were about three inches bigger than my size, I had no choice but to use them. During the game, the ball came right at me, giving me an opportunity to score a goal. I tried my best to kick it hard, but instead of the ball getting in the net, my shoe  flew in the air and took its place! What an embarrassing sight! —Hogwarts, 16
  2. Boy, oh boy!
    Out on a gimmick with my friends, I spotted a group of really attractive girls. I had my eyes set on this particular girl who seemed sweet, shy, and simple. My barkada dared me to approach her and introduce myself. I was pretty hesitant at first, but my pushy friends convinced me to do it, so I muttered a shy “Hi!”  to her. The moment she replied, I was stunned! My friends’ jaws dropped and boisterous laughter followed. The shy girl was actually a boy whose voice was way lower than mine! That taught me a thing or two about looking closely before leaping! —Andrew, 18
  3. Gravy Mistake
    After having lunch, I walked around the mall with my friends. I noticed some people looking at me, but I decided to ignore them. My friend also noticed their stares, looked at me, and told me to check my pants. Turns out, gravy dripped down my jeans and looked like you-know-what! I had to rush to the restroom to hide, and give my friends some money to buy me a new pair of jeans! —Harley, 17
  4. Phone-y!
    I had my sights set on this pretty girl who was alone. Since I wasn’t gutsy enough to approach her, I wanted her to notice me hanging out next to her.  I pretended to text someone with my new cell phone, but she didn’t notice me. Then I decided to set my ringer at the loudest volume, and let it ring, hoping it would catch her attention. Thank God it worked because afterwards, she was looking at me. I pretended to answer it, as though I was really talking to someone. After a few sappy “I miss you” lines to make it seem like I was sweet, my phone rang for real! It rang so loudly, it blew my cover! With my ears still ringing, I hurriedly left the scene! —Sean, 19
  5. Mud About You
    We went on a field trip to Busol Water Shed in Baguio. The group encountered a really long muddy trail which was about two inches deep and six feet wide. To avoid it, we decided to walk on a dry narrow strip on the side of a mountain. A girl and I were trailing behind. When she asked me for help, I said, “Bahala ka sa buhay mo!” while jumping to the narrow path. I tripped and fell face first into the mud, and slid like a human sled. That’s what I call karma! —Timothy, 23
  6. L’Spag
    My friends and I were checking out this pretty girl at the food court. Though she was quite a catch, her table manners were pretty awful. She had spaghetti all over her face! We snickered at her messy appearance. I couldn’t stop myself from humoring her, so I approached her and said, “Hi, do I have spaghetti on my face?” She looked at me, gave a flat “No” and continued eating. I didn’t stop there, I asked her again, “Do you really think so? I can feel the sauce on my cheek. Are you sure?” She frowned, took some of her spaghetti, and threw it on my face! Then she answered, “There! Now you’ve got a lot!” I guess she couldn’t take a joke!  —Leo Dy, 17

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