Eep, Couples Who Call Each Other "Babe" Don't Last!

Whut, babe?
by Mira Blancada   |  Jan 23, 2017
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Once you and your boyfriend have started calling each other pet names, that's when you know you've entered the intimacy stage. There may be a couple of annoyed people around you hearing you call each other sweetheart, honey, baby, or even the most common, babe. But who cares? It's too cute for the two of you!

And in case they didn't know, babe was popularized by the legendary power couple of the old days, Sonny and Cher, with their song "I Got You Babe." (via Plus, it's also fun to call your boyfriend with a nickname only you can use. Hee hee!

But is it true that couples who use babe to call each other don't really last? Justin DeMarco, a writer of Thought Catalog, asked their readers whether they were okay with the pet name babe or they prefer to be called something else. And to our surprise, most of the girls chose the latter. They think babe is too common on a guy's dictionary and that it's used to get girls to shut up. Whaaaat? Thus, they want to be called by their name instead or at least anything that doesn't resemble babe. (via

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According to the survey, they think it's the guy's way to dodge calling you by your first name because there may still be other girls in the picture. Jeez! So if you just started dating, better think twice before using that term of endearment because you may not get the reaction you're expecting.

But still, we believe that if you want your relationship to last, time and effort are much needed. If you two are going strong despite the pet name babe, then it is because you two are mature enough to not let anyone's opinion ruin your relationship. Call each other whatever you want because being happy in a relationship is what matters above all else anyway.

What do you want to be called, Candy Girls? Let's talk in the comments or via Twitter @candymagdotcom. We always love hearing from you. :)

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