Do This Weekly to Keep Your Relationship Stronger

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by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Oct 3, 2016
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Nope, we're not giving you a list of tips for this, Candy Girls. One couple from the United States shared how they got into this relationship habit that made their bond stronger. It all started with a cab ride wherein the driver told them that they have to sing together once a week. (via

Jon and Sasha Sagan even tried telling their cab driver that they don't really sing. But of course, the driver insisted. They later realized after they've been together for a while that they've been missing one element: "a weekly sacrament, a regular reaffirmation of the devotion and joy at the core of what we'd built together."

Vow to make this a weekly thing with your guy, whether in the car or while you're in a park together. Just go and have a little fun with him. Good luck, Candy Girls, and have a lot of fun doing this with your bae! Here's a little something to inspire you.


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