Decode Your Guy By His Zodiac Sign

An excellent way of analyzing your crush is by reading his stars.
by Gian Gonzales   |  May 14, 2010
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Astrology has been around for the longest time, which is why it's always a dependable method of understanding people and their eccentricities. Of course, different signs behave differently, which is why some signs are only compatible with others. So what's your dude's star sign? All you need to know is his birthday, and you're all set!

Flashy, dramatic and daring, this dude's out to please, please, and please. This Ram loves to hang out at the hippest, trendiest places (like that newest java place everybody's raving about) that give both his ego and status quo a boost. Throw him a one liner like, "Great shades! Raybans, right?" and you've hooked his attention.
Your celeb match: Nico Ibaviosa

How do you spot a Taurus in the crowd? He's the one in the Ralph Lauren shirt, slacks, and leather kicks. A real class act, the average Taurus spends his dough on items of practical use, like a decent cell phone rather than on a new bike. Taurus dudes are stubborn and bull-headed (pun intended), and are ardent believers of traditional ways. So don't expect to pay your way through a dinner with a Taurus; he'd sooner strip naked and join Fall Out Boy than have you spring for the pizza.
Your celeb match: Rob Pattinson

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Scatterbrain alert! Always on the go, your Gemini guy can't wait to get things done: organizing the next school dance one minute, joining a quiz bee contest the next. The Gemini has a knack for absorbing information accurately—the next time you spill your phone number to the Gemini guy, you can almost be sure that he remembered it and will give you a call the next evening.
Your celeb match: Kean Cipriano

Finally, a dude who remembers your birthday. These crabs are sentimental, romantic, and very moody. Although Cancer dudes look aloof and detached, they can easily swoon over a well-written song. So just because he's decked out in a Linkin Park shirt doesn't mean he doesn't have Dashboard Confessional's "Stolen" looping in his iPod.
Your celeb match: Chace Crawford

Naturally, prom kings and team captains exude this particular star sign's attribute. Ostentatious and proud, Leos have a knack for commanding respect and making heads turn. Spotting a Leo in a party is easy: he's the guy people are gathered around, eager to hear his stories of shooting the winning basket or kissing that hot semi-pro model two batches ahead.  Although Leos are affectionate and caring, they expect Zac Efron-worthy praises from you every minute or so.
Your celeb match: Jose Sarasola


If you're looking for the Virgo, scope out the bookstore.  He's probably browsing between shelves or strolling in the mall alone, looking like he's window-shopping when he's actually in deep thought. Of all the zodiacs, tread carefully when talking to a Virgo. They tend to clam up when personal questions come up during the conversation. Stick to: "So what's your favorite Stephenie Meyer book?"
Your celeb match: Nick Jonas

The Libran dude lives in a storybook world. He wants his Princess drop-dead gorgeous and his endings happily ever after. This guy would never let your beauty go unappreciated, and will spend the rest of lunch break making sure you know that. He's the dewy-eyed dreamer in the back of the class, writing the name of his crush on his knuckles or carving his and her initials into a tree. Librans wear their hearts on their sleeves, so it's pretty easy to tell if he's falling for you.
Your celeb match: Zac Efron


For every Nate, there is a Chuck. The rebel of the zodiacs, the Scorpio guy isn't for the weak of heart. Mysterious and enigmatic, Scorpios never fail to pique the curiosity of the people around him. Whether it be just hanging out at the mall or shooting hoops, Scorpios look like they're up to something, and look so good doing it (which is why this bad boy always gets the girl).
Your celeb match: Enchong Dee

That daydreaming dude with the uncombed hair sitting in the third row? Sagittarius. The guy-next-door whom you've caught a gazillion times sitting on the roof looking at the stars? Sagittarius. The average Sag is always itching for an expedition or vacation, wherein the adage "anywhere but here" is most appropriate. So the next time you sign up for a hiking expedition, don't be surprised to see that half of the group is made up of Sags eager to get the show on the road.
Your celeb match: Martin del Rosario


Capricorn guys run the show and won't have you saying otherwise. Behind a successful fundraiser is a harassed but happy Capricorn. Hunting down a Capricorn is easy: look for an org-spanning meeting in school, and the guy behind the podium is sure to be a Cap. Easy does it with the Capricorn ego though, insecurity is a major downer you can pull on his sensitive self-esteem.
Your celeb match: Logan Lerman

Unconventional is the Aquarian's middle name. Incense burners, lava lamps, funky shades, yoga: if it's quirky, he's gotta have it. He's the Jughead Jones of the zodiac-unique and original, yet always on the prowl for a better, more enlightening experience. Scoping for an Aquarian in a crowd is like looking for Pink in a convent. He sticks out like a sore thumb, and doesn't mind it one bit.
Your celeb match: Taylor Lautner


During the last hour of an at-home Titanic screening where everybody grabs for the Kleenex box, the loudest sniffing you'll hear in the room belongs to the Piscean guy with his own big box of tissues. Hopelessly idealistic and emotional, pulling at the Pisces' heartstrings is as easy as twirling spaghetti with a fork. Dying for a Piscean sweetie? Hang your head low, spill sob stories, and this empathic emotion junkie will be ready to whip out the hankies and play your knight in shining armor.
Your celeb match: Gerald Anderson

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