Decode Your Guy By His Handwriting

Wondering what your crush is really like? Be sneaky and get to know him through his notes.
by Gian Gonzales   |  May 15, 2010
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Handwriting analysis has always been a dependable form of studying people's behavioral patterns, whether it be leaving the toilet seat up or sipping straight from the milk carton. The loops, slants, and other sublime characteristics in a person's handwriting usually betray the personality behind the penmanship. So how does this apply to your situation?

Pulling this off is a cinch. All you'll need are his notes and an excuse to borrow them. Once his scribbles have crossed your palm, look at his penmanship carefully. Scrutinize the slants, ride the loops, and try to make out that little note at the bottom right of his notebook (it's probably a PSP code).

Kiddy Pool
It's easy to decode this particular style. Pick out the most frequently used letter and compare: does he write it in different ways? If his handwriting slants to the left and inconsistently switches styles, break out your chips and dip because this dude's in it for the fun. Behind the penmanship lies a Peter Pan: he does things his own way and breaks rules like they're going out of style.


This dude's a real Romeo. He's got a font of his own—those loopy Y's and F's mean this guy's got a real Renaissance racket going on. He's got a genuine enthusiasm for life and loves to experiment with different experiences. If Ethan Hawke is your kinda guy, then keep your peepers peeled for this kind of highly original and creative penmanship.

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The Fast And The Furious
Large initial letters on mid-sentence words betray his need to put on his swarmy charms and razor-sharp wit, while impressing everybody with his daredevil antics. His vertical letters say that this dude would never depend on anybody for anything.  This adventure freak would rather be hitting the hard-court or shredding up the asphalt with his skateboard.

Rebel Without A Cause
Uh oh. This rebel is 10 pounds of bad news in a nine-pound bag. That exaggerated M in his name means he's desperately trying to hide behind a macho facade. Tall upper loops scattered in his penmanship mean he's ready and rarin' to spit venom. Those hieroglyphics he calls a scribble means he's just about ready to argue with you regarding anything and everything within striking range.


Plenty Senti
Now this one's a keeper-his rich, smooth strokes show this dude's benevolence. Rounded Ls show this guy's a real peacekeeping compassionate cutie. A hopeless romantic, this swooner's the type who'd put roses in your locker, stuff your letters with mush, and burn you CDs of your favorite songs. Downside? Letters written closely together signify an almost puppy-like need for independence.

Write or Wrong? Let his penmanship tell if he's right for you!

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