Dear Candy Cuties: The Way To A Candy Girl's Heart

A guide on how to catch a Candy Girl's attention—and keep it.
by Jordy Castro   |  Sep 8, 2013
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When you have gorgeous hair, dazzling eyes, and a killer smile—in short, if you're a Candy Cutie—it's easy to catch a girl's attention. But after you exhaust all your pogi points and your mystery as the handsome stranger has faded, what really wins her heart won't come in the form of your chiseled physique. Instead it will be in the way you act and the things you do after the first impressions have formed. If this has made you nervous about your current and future endeavors into that thing called love, don't fret! This, my dear Candy Cuties, is your guide to impressing a Candy Girl—and winning her heart.

  1. Appreciate her.
    Any girl, especially a Candy Girl, loves to know that she is appreciated. At the end of the day, Candy Girls enjoy knowing that the person they care for recognizes their full worth. So how do you show her how grateful you are for her?

    You could go old school. After a long, hard day treat her to something fun and relaxing. You can go to the mall and share a cup of her favorite gelato, or buy her some chocolates and roses even if it isn't Valentine's Day. Or, the simplest and most inexpensive tactic would be to simply tell her that you're grateful a girl like her is in your life.

  2. Know that a Candy Girl is her own person.
    If you want to win a Candy Girl's heart, you have to keep in mind that she is her own person. Every Candy Girl is different, but they are all united in the fact that they know who they are and what they want. They are strong-willed and opinionated, and you can't force them to be otherwise. Just respect that, and know that in the end, you'll probably fall for the fact that your Candy Girl won't compromise their beliefs for anyone or anything.

  3. Make an effort.
    Making an effort in the beginning is standard operating procedure, but when all the thrill of first dates and surprises has died down, boys, even Candy Cuties, forget that girls love guys who still continue to make an effort.

    You don't have to wait 'til her birthday, Christmas, or your anniversary. You can make an effort on any day of the year. Buy her chocolates out of the blue, send her a handwritten letter, make her cute and sweet videos and post them online. In the end, the sweeter, the simpler, and the more thoughtful, the better.

Just remember those three simple things when you're with your Candy Girl, and you're sure to impress her with your sensitivity, sweetness, and caring heart. And if you're still nervous and in the dark about how to impress her, just remember that girls love guys who are comfortable with who they are. So Candy Cuties, just be yourself and you're good to go.

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