Help—I Want To Try Dating But I Don’t Know Where To Start

by Mylene Mendoza   |  Oct 14, 2019
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Being single is a bliss. You get to focus on your own growth more and fulfill your #selflove2019 goals. But just because you enjoy and cherish the single life doesn’t mean you are automatically closing yourself off from all possibilities of ever dating in the near future. It’s okay to love your lonesomeness and still be interested in the idea of being in a relationship. If you’re a newbie to the whole dating concept, however, it might be daunting at first to actually try it out for yourself. In that case, here are a few things that might help.

Try dating apps.

Yes, mom, online dating is a thing now. And while you may have to exercise some caution as you swipe left and right, many relationships born out of dating apps actually thrive in the long run. Maybe it’s because there’s a higher chance for you to meet people you actually connect and share similar interests and quirks with through apps like these, but hey, you’d have to experience it for yourself to actually find out. 


There are many apps on the market at the moment, and each have their own niche, so you’d really have to try them out to see which ones are more your taste. A word of warning though: You’d have to be extra careful with who you swipe right on, because not everyone has the same wholesome dating agenda as you. We also wouldn’t rule out a couple of mini heartbreaks when your potential online bae ghosts you out of the blue. But hey, every failed experience is a lesson learned, so you’ll know better next time. 

Try doing something you’re actually interested in.

If meeting someone from a dating app just isn’t your thing, we get it. Maybe you’re someone who enjoys meeting people offline and bonding over mutual interests, and that’s totally fine. If that’s the case, why not get into something you’d actually enjoy doing? Join an org or volunteer for an event, go to a gig or try out a sport. These are just a few of the many ways you can meet people organically. Strike up a conversation with different people and get to know them better. The next thing you know, you might already be heading out for some afterschool coffee date or are already looking forward to the next gig you’re both attending. 

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Go out more and interact with people offline.

Many of us are homebodies and would rather binge-watch K-dramas, vlogs, and Instagram stories of people we barely even know (or is that just us?). But let’s be real, despite the convenience of being online almost 24/7 to slide into people’s DMs, nothing really compares to interacting with people IRL (sorry, Instagram and Messenger stans). If you’ve got the time to put yourself out there in the real world, literally, then this dating option might serve you well. 

The more you experience life without a screen in front of your face, the more you realize how equally essential offline social connections are. Real-life interaction with all sorts of people helps you practice your social skills in different settings, which might come in handy when it’s finally time for you to strike up a conversation with someone you like. Because as much as people appreciate “good morning” and “kumain ka na ba?” messages, there’s a lot more to know about your crush than whether or not they already ate their breakfast.


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