Dance Till Dawn

  |  Feb 20, 2010
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Given the chance, you'd definitely bring this Hollywood celebrity to your prom:
Robert Pattinson—you and your friends love him to death, so you're willing to share him with them!
Channing Tatum—he's gorgeous, funny, and can tear up the dance floor!
Zac Efron—you'll be the sweet Gabriella to his hunky Troy.
The prom committee asked you to help out, so you offered to head the:
Decorations Committee. You'll make sure the entire venue looks extra dreamy!
Lights and Sounds Committee. You can't wait to make mixes filled with high-energy tunes as well as mushy melodies.
Food Committee. You'd love to taste test the dishes and find out which combinations work best.
The perfect way to end prom night would be to:
Exchange fun stories at a post-prom sleepover until you and your friends fall asleep. Zzz...
Drink hot chocolate with your date while you two set another date next week. Kilig!
Attend a post-prom party and just dance till the sun comes up. Woot woot!
If you could win a special award on prom night, you'd love to:
Snag the Coolest Couple award. You and your date will have an awesome time, and everyone will bear witness to it.
Be crowned Prom Queen. Your date is the Prom King, of course!
Win It Girls of the Night—nothing beats sharing the spotlight with your dearest friends.
When you get to the prom venue, the first thing you'll do is:
Go to the ladies' room with your besties for a quick touch-up... and to find out how their dates are going!
Scope out the outfits of your batch mates and assess who's got the best look.
Hit the dance floor. (You're a leader, not a follower!) You want everyone to sweat it out before dinner is served.
In your opinion, the best thing about prom is:
Getting the opportunity to ask your crush to go out on a date (since you wouldn't normally have the guts to do it!).
Goofing off with your date and your pals. You can't wait to do hilarious versions of the robot dance!
Having another opportunity to make fun, lasting memories with friends and batch mates.
Before you leave the house, you'll make sure to:
Wear a comfortable pair of heels. You'd hate to get blisters on prom night.
Bring your digital camera. You can't wait to post photos of your gang all glammed up on Facebook.
Stash a thank you card and gift for your date. You're grateful he agreed to attend the prom with you.
When it comes to prom preparations, you'll definitely:
Go to a friend's house so that all of you can get ready together.
Research about your date's interests so you two have something to talk about.
Choose a sparkly gown that'll make you stand out in the crowd.
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