Ask Candy: We're Totes Crushing on Enrique Gil, Eddie Redmayne, Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Who are you crushing on right now?
by Macy Alcaraz   |  Jan 13, 2015
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It's a brand new year, which means making plans for 365 days. Traveling out of the country for the very first time? Getting started on your dream project? The list goes on and on, and we're here to share the excitement with you. Let's make things happen this year, Candy Girls. Let's start now.

Eddie Redmayne, Enrique Gil, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Luke Danes, Logan Huntsberger, Jess Mariano, Bob Morley, Harry Styles

Marla Miniano, Editor In Chief I recently watched The Theory of Everything and was blown away by Eddie Redmayne's acting chops. So talented and handsome. <3 —Marla, Editor In Chief
Steph Yapnayon, Art Director Crushing on JGL (again!) since I re-watched 500 Days of Summer over the break. —Steph, Art Director
Angel Constantino Aquino, Managing Editor Enrique Gil. I get so kilig whenever I watch Forevermore. He and Liza Soberano have great chemistry! —Angel, Managing Editor
Dyan Zarzuela, Entertainment and Features Editor Currently rewatching Gilmore Girls and I can't wait to get to season five because that's the start of Rory's Logan era. Just can't resist a reformed player. <3 —Dyan, Entertainment and Features Editor
Kaye Robles, Editorial Assistant I have an embarrassingly huge crush on The 100's Bob Morley. I just want to like, ruffle his hair, and talk about books and politics and stuff, which is probably how you know I'm in too deep. —Kaye, Editorial Assistant
Macy Alcaraz, Web Managing Editor I know he was the "bad boy" of Stars Hollow, but I was always swooning over Jess Mariano from Gilmore Girls. —Macy, Web Managing Editor
Erin Torrejon, Web Fashion and Beauty Assistant Luke Danes from Gilmore Girls. Been re-watching the series and falling in love with his character again! —Erin, Web Fashion and Beauty Assistant
Ayessa De La Pena, Web Editorial Assistant Harry Styles. Just can't get enough of his charm. ♥ —Ayessa, Web Editorial Assistant

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