Cheapest Date

  |  Jul 9, 2010
compiled by Roch Vergara
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"We went to the zoo and ate ice cream cones."
Steven, 23


"Ate fishballs by the side street. I only spent P50!"
Enzo, 19


"I was on my third year highschool and it was my birthday. Unfortunately, my wallet got stolen with all my money in it! I already made reservations to a fancy restaurant with my date but then I had to cancel it the last minute. We ended up eating at Sinagag Express!"
Sef, 21


"The cheapest date was free! It was on a beach and we looked at the stars all night in each other's arms."
Ian, 21


"Back in college, I was buying taho at this alley at the back of my shool when I saw my crush about to pass by. To my surprise, she stopped beside me and bought taho too! That was the time I got the courage to talk to her. I asked her if she's a "taho fan" and she said yes. Ever since, we became friends and always have a taho date on that alley."
Renzie, 21

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